Clean-label complete solutions to match the functionalities of modified starches for cook-up and cold applications:

  • Improve the mouthfeel of yogurts, custards
  • Enhance the shiny appearance of Boston creams, jams, ketchup
  • Stabilize frozen lasagnas, potato preparations
  • Boost perfect ingredients distribution in canned soups, parfait yogurts
  • Neutralize off-tastes in mayo, clear broths
  • Ensure a flawless seasoned texture in sliced turkey, prepared meats

Clean-label Technology performs through extreme temperature processes to ensure freeze-thaw stability and perfect texture & seasoning throughout:

  • Hot creamy macaroni & cheese
  • Stringy & stretchable mozzarella in hot sliced pizza
  • Creamy or pulpy soups in Tetra Pak 
  • Shelf-stable cream pie
  • Frozen meat loaf and meat-analog patties

Fibers and proteins ahead of the curve: Allergen-free/ gluten-free and non-GMO; manufactured from the highest quality vegetables and pulses:

  • Lean, flavor-neutral proteins to boost increased muscle-mass claims in smoothies and sport nutrition snacks
  • Enhance texture and taste of vegetarian dishes without relying on excessive fillers or seasonings while boosting nutrition

Pre-gelatinized flours, dehydrated flours and authentic blends solutions (natural, organic, Ancient Grains) / custom-tailored specialty blends:

Texture options (soft/crispy/hard) in savory snacks – e.g. tortilla chips based on pregel corn, potato or tapioca pellets for gluten-free, baked, low acrylamide claims.


All of our products are physically-processed, GMO-free, low in pesticides.
All ingredients are top food-safety certified.


Specs available upon request.

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