Our in-house formulators design and implement custom ingredients and blends to improve your formula functionalities. Manufacturing of customized solutions is performed within our network of partners. Our formulators are experts at chemistry of ingredients within food formulas and industrial manufacturing solutions. Pilsen has helped both top-tier and mid-sized food manufacturers solve formulas challenges.

  • Switch to Clean-Label
  • Microbiological growth prevention and Shelf-Life extension
  • Match formulation
  • Substitute solutions in the context of supply issues
  • Cost savings
  • Texture, mouth feel and Flavor improvements


Shelf-life extension:

A global dairy products company was manufacturing shredded cheese that was too wet: The coating starch would absorb too much moisture which was breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Pilsen Team designed a starch blend that dries cheese shreds, improves micro growth prevention and extends shelf-life.

Clean-Label challenge:

A large domestic extruded Snacks manufacturer needed a clean-label redo for one of their best-selling snacks in order to reach more export markets and the Natural Food channel.

Pilsen Team successfully substituted the original chemically-modified starch with a blend based on non-GMO physically-modified starches and flours that is clean, flavor-neutral, cost-effective and keeps the same expansion.

Substitutes for ingredients shortages:

A leading global yeast manufacturer faced skyrocketing prices from a global shortage of potato starch.

Pilsen Team developed a substitute blend based on pea starch and complementary ingredients that allowed for cost control while retaining product integrity.

Texture, mouth feel and flavor improvements:

A large domestic fish processing company faced flavor and texture issues for a prepared fish application.

Pilsen Team designed a pea starch-based blend injection prior processing to retard gelling. As a result, texture came out cleaner and product moister. Fish cut cleaner and retained integrity after processing and reheating at consumer level. Flavor was greatly improved, closer to fresh fish flavor.


  • Snacks Industry
  • RTE Refrigerated
  • Frozen and Canned Prepared Foods
  • Baked Goods and Desserts
  • Gluten-Free Industry
  • Meat, Fish, and Dairy Products
  • Ethnic Foods
  • Dried Mixes and Seasonings

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